Despite Bill Gates predicting that business travel would die out, travel has bounced back in full force and is quickly regaining its pre-pandemic levels. However, businesses that have resumed their corporate travel have returned to a dramatically different travel risk landscape than the one they left behind. There’s now more need than ever for your organisation to protect their people as they travel and work overseas.


Establish clear policies and procedures

To achieve the baseline ‘duty of care, ’familiarise yourself with ISO 31030, the world’s first ‘best practice ’benchmark for travel risk management. This is the framework for developing a suitable travel risk policy.

Ensure processes and policies are clearly communicated

This will go a long way in helping your employees feel fully aware of the risks they are likely to face on their corporate travels while also reassuring them that measures are in place to shield them from any harm throughout the business trip.

Assess and monitor evolving health and security risks

Organisations are also duty-bound to fully inform their business travellers of the potential medical and security risks involved in a corporate trip before they travel. Travel risk assessments will accurately evaluate the potential health and security risks of travelling to specific destinations.

Leverage information in real-time

By commissioning external travel risk management providers to collate relevant, up-to-date intelligence on new and evolving risks, even with limited in-house resources you can keep abreast of the latest developments affecting travel which you can share with your employees.

Proactively institute measures to mitigate these security risks

Devise comprehensive plans for evacuation and emergency responses for those extreme risks. These should consider staff exposure, infrastructure, routes, ports of departure, as well as the escalation points or ‘triggers’ for initiating these plans.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to eliminate all travel risks, but proactive planning and a cautious approach can significantly reduce potential hazards.

At Healix, we work with organisations to proactively mitigate risks before they happen and expertly manage them when they do, protecting your people wherever they are in the world. We combine intelligence, training and risk management technology to enable you to reduce risks from the beginning of a journey to the return home.

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