Japan might seem like a world away from the Middle East, but thanks to air travel it’s only a short half-day flight away. Just look to the east and you’ll find Japan, the “Land of the Rising Sun”. It’s a wondrous country that tourists visit from all across the globe to enjoy an authentic experience full of beauty, tradition, and futuristic splendour. Japan’s long and storied history, as well as its ancient traditions and modern innovations are admired the world over, and set the backdrop for a perfect adventure.

There’s something for everyone in Japan. From its beautiful scenery and traditional cities blessed with clean water and air, to its advanced technology that has inspired and been inspired by generations of science fiction and pop culture, wonder awaits around every corner. Whether you’re travelling with your family, or a young person on an adventure of self-discovery, the thoughtful and harmonious spirit embodied in the traditions of Japanese people are waiting to greet you.

After becoming spellbound on your first visit, you’re sure to want to visit Japan again and again. Discover a rich variety of new, inspiring encounters with every trip, and make memories that will last forever.

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