This is a new polycarbonate case from Tumi’s lightest hard side collection. I reviewed the smallest of the check-in models (there are three in total) on a three-day trip to Prague, for which I would have ordinarily taken a cabin case but the forecast looked dreary so I decided to take lots of layers and heavy jumpers.

This was no problem as the case is enormous (for someone that rarely checks in luggage), measuring 66.5cm x 44.5cm x 25.5cm and able to hold 59 litres. It has two main compartments, with one side of the case containing a large zippered pocket, with a plastic hanger bracket inside for storing suits. The other section is open and covered with dark grey lining, with X-shaped tie-down straps. There is a third compartment on the outside of the zippered flap which was useful for holding documents and magazines. I stored most of my clothes in the zippered half of the case, though there was still a lot of empty room and it looked like the contents had rocked around a lot in the hold when I unpacked.

Given its size, it was quite light when empty – 3.81kg, though much easier to handle with a bit of weight in it, gliding smoothly over uneven surfaces. It was also very agile, and required virtually no effort to manoeuvre it through slim gaps and on escalators and trains.

The case I tried was covered with a feminine blue and grey pattern of feathers and falling leaves (called Blur Print), plus vertical 3D ridges (which every case has) that give it greater depth. It has a three-stage telescoping handle which never stuck, no matter how many times I released and locked it, plus an integrated TSA lock and four recessed wheels. There was also a small amount of expandable give around the zip.

At Prague airport, the case was easily recognisable on the carousel, and it suffered only a small scuff from the trauma of the hold, which was easily buffed off.

A solid case, easy to handle and with plenty of room, though really it’s best to use on trips lasting over a week as the compartments are so large.

PRICE: £445

Weight: 3.81kg

Volume: 59 litres

Warranty: 5 years