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Tried and Tested: Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

9 Jun 2010 by AndrewGough

Business Traveller sits back and relaxes with Logitech’s laptop Lapdesk N700

The Logitech Lapdesk N700 is basically something to put on your lap on top of which sits your laptop. A rigid, angled surface with a cushioned underside and built-in speakers, it’s certainly a novel idea, but is it practical? It’s certainly too big to carry around, the Lapdesk is a stay-at-home device and more akin to a piece of furniture than an electronic device.

However, it’s slightly unfair of me to simply label it as a fancy cushion, yet this is in essence what it is with its inbuilt stereo speakers and fan. Logitech appears to have played a very clever trick in creating a need that probably didn’t exist before, and the Lapdesk treads a fine line between gimmick and innovation. Personally I never thought I’d want or need anything like this, but having used it for a while, I have to admit I grew to like it immensely and was sad to see it go.

Firstly, the stereo speakers are very impressive, using an immersive sound technology that gives the impression of 3D surround. This proved surprisingly effective. Movie sound effects came out very well. The speakers can be switched off to save power (the whole thing is USB-powered), and there’s also a volume control.

Logitech has also included a fan to keep the laptop cool and stop you from getting a warm lap. Because the Lapdesk is USB powered there’s no need for any cumbersome wires. This does however place an extra strain on the laptop’s battery, so chances are you’ll run your computer with its adaptor plugged into the wall anyway. However Logitech says the fan will have a minimal impact on battery life. As for the speakers, that really depends how loud they are.

I liked the Lapdesk a lot, mainly because the speakers on my laptop are terrible, a common complaint. In my opinion the speakers alone would validate the Lapdesk’s existence, but at £70 it’s slightly on the expensive side. A decent set of 3.1 or even 5.1 surround sound speakers can be picked up for less these days, but then they would be nowhere near as convenient as the Lapdesk.

PROS Surprisingly useful, great speakers

CONS Slightly cumbersome and on the expensive side

PRICE £69.99


Andrew Gough

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