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Tried and Tested: Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

8 Jun 2010 by AndrewGough

A mouse that works on any surface? That’s what Logitech claims. Business Traveller gives it a spin

Mice, or Mouses when referring to the computer input devices, can be a right pain. The old roller ball devices were forever getting clogged up with gunk and breaking, and the infrared ones can be temperamental depending on what surface you’re using them on.

This is where the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX comes in, and to be honest it’s pretty impressive technology. The MX uses Logitech’s patented “darkfield” laser tracking technology, which as far as I can tell, works using a clever array of small sensors. However it works, the mouse worked on glass, mirror, in fact any surface I could think of. I even used it on my leg and it worked like a dream. Without gushing too much about the MX’s capabilities, this really does work anywhere.

The MX is also wireless, and comes with a tiny, unobtrusive RF receiver that can be stored away in the battery compartment when not in use, or when travelling. For anyone that has used wireless devices, in the past there have been issues with pairing, and interference from other devices. This is not the case with Logitech’s system, in fact the same RF dongle can be used with a number of compatible Logitech devices, a keyboard for example. Logitech has matured in recent years as a maker of good quality, reasonably priced computer peripherals for the everyday user. But in that time, Logitech has developed a certain expertise of its own, and the MX is a great example of that.

However, the MX does suffer from the same problem as other wireless input devices, and that’s battery life. It’s quoted at around 100 days on new batteries which is monitored by the Logitech MX software, but unfortunately it got nowhere near this. Having said that, I did get almost 30 days out of the batteries, and a near-calendar month is not too shabby. I used the mouse solidly both at the office and at home, and with rechargeable batteries there really is no reason to let battery life count against this. Strangely the mouse can run on one battery only (it takes two AAs), but I did not test whether this meant the one battery would last half as long, or that it lasts just as long effectively doubling the battery life.

The MX has a few buttons on the side and an extra middle button, all of which can be programmed to do various jobs. This did in fact prove extremely useful, I programmed the extra middle button to switch windows, simple but effective. The wheel has also been enhanced, with two rolling modes – the normal ratchet, and centrifugal spin. The two rolling modes are switched between by pressing the wheel down.

As for overall appearances, I had several comments complimenting the mouse. Indeed it’s a great looking device with a dark, tactile shell. It’s small yet weighty, rather like pushing a large pebble around. It doesn’t fit completely in the palm, rather it’s designed to sit nicely along the length of your fingers. This makes for a very comfortable experience.

Overall, I’d say this is a great mouse for general use, and an excellent one if travelling. It comes with a zip-up pouch that protects it from knocks.

PROS Neat, great looks and really does work anywhere

CONS Mouse software over-estimates battery life

PRICE £69.99


Andrew Gough

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