Travel adaptors

Fuji’s Worldwide Travel Plug Adaptor is
well known to most frequent travellers, but the latest version is even
better thanks to the addition of a USB slot. This means iPods, some
phones and lots of other gadgets can be taken on a trip without their
power adaptors – a huge step forward. From £17,

Wall Notebook Power Adaptor is the Rolls-Royce of
replacement power supplies, with tips for all the major notebooks and a
USB port for phones and other gadgets. It works with most airline power
sockets, and even has a car adaptor. It’s pricey, but incredibly
useful. £115,

fan-like solar charger is great if you’re visiting sunnier climes, as
it uses solar power to charge an internal battery, which can then be
used to power a laptop or phone. The Solio Magnesium Edition is a
useful gadget to have in your bag, even if it’s only for emergencies.

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