I recently experienced the afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton Tea Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Pune.

The venue redefines luxury through a beautiful blend of peace, lavishness, and warm hospitality.

After soaking in the enchanting ambiance, I dived into a taste pool of handcrafted teas with crunchy yet soft and sweet gut-filling snacks on the sides.

From a vibrant avocado toast, Campania Caprese sandwich (with some tomato salsa on the top), the olive oil cake oozing orange flavour, the fruit tart, pomegranate/strawberry pastry to the lavish serving of the pecan pie (brownie), the platter had it all.

Not to forget the British bread (scone) with raisin fillings that added an extra flavour to this three-course indulgence. The British bread pairs well with strawberry and orange marmalade and is highly recommended.

The tea menu had numerous options to pick from. I chose the peppermint tea which was a perfect blend of the minty cool freshness and sweetness.  The tea was refreshing enough for me to unwind after a strenuous work schedule in the morning.

I then opted for the Mandarin Eros tea. It was smooth and creamy complemented by the sultry taste of warm vanilla.

Other interesting tea options to try out are mango oolong (one of their best-selling varieties), Imperial Earl Grey, Silver Leaf, and Golden Assam.

The soulful music running in the background further elevated my tea-tox time at this tastefully-designed venue.

With this experience, the hotel stands out in its offerings, thereby making it a must-visit address while in Pune.

Verdict: One of the finest hotels in Pune to enjoy an afternoon tea with friends and family.

Hours: 1430 hours to 1730 hours

Price:  Upwards of ₹800 (plus taxes)

Contact: The Ritz-Carlton, Pune, Golf Course Square, Airport Road, Pune 411006, Maharashtra, India