This Regal property is connected by a covered bridge to Hong Kong International Airport.

The Om Spa is on the third floor of the hotel.

It’s a Thai-influenced spa and many of the products, and several of the staff are indeed originally from the Land of Smiles. The name comes from the basic meditative chant “om” that is supposed to represent true harmony with the vibrations of the universe, and its repetition is meant to induce harmony and serenity.

It has two spa duplex suites, three spa suites, five spa cabana rooms, 11 spa deluxe rooms and a foot massage room. The spa has a variety of packages for individuals, couples and groups.


There are around 30 different treatments available, with varying styles and techniques. Thai Om Spa uses amenities from Lemongrass House, a Phuket-based creator of organic and handmade essential oils, cream scrubs and masks, adding to a greater authenticity of the Thai experience.


I was offered a cooling drink in the spa reception and chose a full-body massage from a range of options. The staff consult with you on any areas of pain or discomfort to ensure they are aware of any specific health issues or concerns. You are recommended to arrive about 30 minutes before the appointment, to wind down and have time to shower before the treatment begins. My masseuse escorted me to the spa room. After a shower and a change into the cotton shorts provided, the masseuse started the two-hour Energy Re-balancing Massage that aims to recharge the body by stimulating circulation and  your muscles.


Despite its closeness to one of the world’s busiest international airports, the room is quiet and conveys a rustic feel. The masseuse was friendly and attentive, checking the pressure was just right and helping me to choose the most suitable oils. Just what I needed after a 4am start to catch an early morning flight from Singapore.



The Energy Re-balancing Massage treatment costs HK$610 (US$78) per hour.


Om Spa, Regal Airport Hotel, 9 Cheong Tat Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hongkong, tel 852 2286 6266. www.regalairport.com

Kenny Coyle