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Luggage Review: Tumi Latitude Short Trip Packing Case

15 Aug 2018 by Valerian Ho
TUMI Latitude Short Trip Packing Case Black


Tumi Latitude hard-shell suitcase is one of its newest offerings, having launched just earlier this year and being billed as the brand’s lightest luggage collection to date and claiming to defy “durability and engineering standards”.

The brand offers a range of carry-on and check-in sizes as part of the collection, including an International Carry-On Case, a Short Trip Packing Case and an Extended Trip Packing Case available in black, navy, silver and blush. We reviewed the Short Trip Packing Case.

TUMI Latitude Short Trip Packing Case Black


The black variant may seem a rather conventional choice compared with the navy and silver alternatives, however Tumi has managed to keep the look sleek and stylish. The luggage’s standout design feature is the ridged wave effect that covers the surface, however the case also has a more discreet effect in the form of a small, textured square decoration similar to what you would get with a carbon fibre.

And while this is a luxury suitcase brand, Tumi has done away with the large logo or trademark colours often found with fashion brands, opting instead of a more subtle printing of the brand’s name on the handles and beneath the leather tag. The overall impression is of a case that is professional and versatile, meaning you wouldn’t look out of place with it while wearing either business or casual attire.


The Short Trip Packing Case measures 26.75 x 17.75 x 11 inches. This exceeds the recommended IATA guidelines for cabin-sized luggage (21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches), meaning this particular variant has to be checked in.

That being said, Tumi has been true to its word that the case is indeed very light, weighing just 3.7kg. This provides ample additional allowance for the actual contents of your luggage before you hit the standard 23kg check-in limit of most airlines.


Tumi uses its self-reinforced poly-propylene (SRPP Ballistic™) for this series of case. This is a highly durable material that is both light in weight and robust. To test just how resilient the case is I even stood on top of it with all 88kg of my weight pressing down on it – not a dent.

For added protection, the eight corners are also installed with hard plastic coverings, protecting these rather more damage-prone areas from too much abuse while being handled by airport staff and on the baggage carousel.

And if – horror of horrors – you were to scratch the outside of the case, the ridged design of the exterior pattern as well as its glossy sheen would make most blemishes difficult to notice.


The Latitude series are each secured using a single zip and open up in a clamshell style to reveal two similarly sized halves with a grey interior. On one side, there are two mini compartments that are perfect for storing smaller items such as a nail clipper or international charger. The extendable handle did take up some of the space inside the case, though I didn’t find it obstructed the amount of space that was available inside for my actual belongings.

On the other half of the suitcase there is a zipped separator, which also comes with an outside pocket suitable for storing accessories such as ties or belts. This side doesn’t feature any additional pockets or pouches, meaning you have the full volume at your disposal with which to pack your bulkier items. If you’re traveling with an extra suit in the case, there’s also a hanger bracket on the inside allowing you to better secure it inside the case while ensuring it doesn’t get rumpled.

TUMI Latitude Short Trip Packing Case Black


Four pairs of wheels are located on the base of the suitcase, allowing it to be moved while standing upright. Overall, the case is smooth to pull along on either all four sets of wheels, or just two when tilted. The case moves in a straight line without veering off to one side and has excellent balance.

A plastic handle is located on the top of the case, accompanied by a second on the side. The telescopic handle has four pre-set stages, giving a reasonable degree of flexibility when it comes to adjusting just how high you want it to be. The case also comes with a luggage tag that’s attached directly to the case on the same side as the security lock.


The TSA lock is easy to set and unlock and the luggage also comes with a Tumi Tracer bar and QR code located on the bottom of the case. This unique 20-digit individual product number is printed on a metal plate that is permanently fixed to the suitcase and can be cross-referenced against the owner’s contact information in the Tracer database in order to help the recovery of lost or stolen luggage.


The durability of Tumi’s Latitude luggage is impressive, offering a great deal of peace of mind, while its noticeably light weight means you get more bang for your buck when it comes to the amount of things you can pack inside before you hit your check-in limit.

Dimensions 26.75 x 17.75 x 11 inches
Volume 64 litres
Weight 3.7kg
Colours Black, navy and silver
Wheels 8
Warranty 5 years
Price The collection ranges from HK$5,380 (US$686) to HK$6,990 (US$891)

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