Lounge review: Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge

Cathay Pacific has an arrival lounge at its Hong Kong International Airport hub. This is useful if you arrive on an early morning flight.

The lounge is located between the two terminals at Chek Lap Kok.

It’s reasonably easy to find provided you clear customs and follow the signs to Terminal 2. The lounge is located between the two terminals down some escalators. Just keep walking past the Plaza Premium Lounge and you’ll see it on the right.

To access the lounge you will need to have flown into Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific or Dragonair flight and have an invitation. You can find the rules for lounge admittance on the Cathay Pacific website

The first thing to say is that if you arrive in the morning, this lounge will be busy with people that have arrived early and have business in the city, or know their hotel won’t be ready for them until 3pm. Perhaps they messed up the booking, perhaps they didn’t want to pay for an extra night at the hotel or an early check-in (though note that the Regal Airport Hotel has 24-hour check-in, which gets around that).

If you want a shower, you will have to wait. When I arrived at 7am the showers were all occupied, and there was a queue of 14 people in front of me. This would be less of a problem if the rest of the lounge was large enough to accommodate all these people waiting, but it isn’t. It is a very small single room, with some showers off to one side.

There is a seating area around a large flat screen TV, and then behind a wall where the magazines are there are three or four tables for food, and then a buffet at the far end. That’s it. Don’t bother walking around looking for the rest of the lounge – you’ve found it and if you have luggage you’ll only clutter the place up worse. Most people seem to leave their bags close to the entrance because there isn’t space for them in the lounge. So ironically, although this isn’t a place to spend a long time – just grab a bite to eat and maybe shower, if you want a shower, you will be hanging around.

I would have taken some pictures in the lounge, but there were so many people in there it would not have been fair on the dishevelled people waiting to wash.

I put my name down on the list, had a small bowl of cereal and then left (I asked for my name to be removed from the list). The shower attendant apologised on the way out. I then walked across to the Premium Plaza lounge.

Lounge review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) Hong Kong International


It’s a good idea having an arrivals lounge, but Cathay would need one twice the size (or possibly more) to service the amount of people who’d want to use it. I imagine anyone who has been there once would only go back if desperate, which keeps the numbers down.

See this link All Lounges Admittance rules on Cathay’s website for details of admittance.


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  • Reading the access rules I note that OneWorld emeralds have access irrespective of the cabin flown so long as the arrival flight is Cathay/Dragon. Could that have anything to do with the over-crowding or is the size simply too small in relation to the number of early morning arrivals?

  • The lounge is simply too small, and although the showers are decent, the catering is woeful. I used to go here after arriving back from India since the timing meant I had to go into the office for the day anyway, and it was (should have been!) more convenient to shower and change at the airport rather than go home – but I gave up on that eventually because it could take longer to get a shower than it would for me to go home. Altogether it is a pathetic excuse for an arrivals lounge and definitely very sub-par for Cathay

    I do wish oneworld would roll out alliance-branded arrival lounges at major hubs (and update access rules accordingly) – it would be a real selling point over the other alliances, especially for businessmen/women (who are oneworld’s main target customers)

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