It is the first luxury lounge to open at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in February 2014. The two-storey lounge can accommodate over 600 passengers.


Level 4 of Terminal 2 at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It is to the right (diagonally) of duty free, through which you have to walk after immigration.


The lounge has a very regal feel to it with an opulent décor, high ceiling and large hanging light arrangements. The nicely cushioned velvet sofas and leather chairs are in shades of rustic red on the top level, and black and white on the lower floor.

There are restaurant-style seating, living room-style sofa arrangements (waiting area), and single sofas with a side table and lamp each facing the airfield on both levels of the lounge.

It was quiet when I had visited, which meant I could occupy a corner table with my laptop, plug into the socket (handy besides each seating type), and sprawl on the sofa for two. It was 3am by the time I arrived and so I skipped the buffet, all of which looked fresh with a delectable aroma.

While the dining area can be noisy when crowded, the other areas are quiet. They feel much like a spa. Perhaps scents from aromatic oils that travel from the spa to the waiting area give off the vibe.

You enter the lounge through Level 4 of the two-level lounge where you’re greeted at the reception manned by seven to eight receptionists at any given time.

Service – defined by the alcohol brands served as pre-decided with airline partners – is divided into three categories: First, Business Premium and Business; First being the highest.

The first two are served on Level 4, and Business Class service is on Level 3, accessed from a lift near the reception.

Common facilities on both levels include: concierge, free high-speed wifi, LCD television, buffet, bar (two on Level 3 and one on Level 4), whisky lounge, two work stations each with a printer and Apple desktop, library, recliners (eight), a good selection of newspapers and magazines (including Business Traveller India), foot massage chairs (six), spa and shower rooms with basic toiletries including a shaving and a dental kit.

Also available on Level 4 is a cocktail lounge and first class passengers have the option of à la carte dining.

Meeting rooms for six people can be booked in advance by anyone who has access to GVK lounge. These are free and are the private dining areas on Level 3.

GVK Lounge is essentially an open floor plan with casually designated areas for the restaurant, waiting area, recliners, etc. The buffet, and whisky and cocktail lounges are enclosed within a white wooden mesh in floral design.

The lower level has additional sofa seating enclosed within glass walls; it was meant to be a smoking room, but its final purpose is yet to be decided.

On one side of the lounge, on both levels, is a large French window that overlooks the airfield. It’s a cosy nook to curl up with a book, hot tea, and a requested blanket.

A cordoned off “silent” area has additional recliners for an undisturbed nap. Passengers may request for a blanket and extra pillows.

Total seating capacity is for 310 people on the lower level and 380 on the top level.


The buffet on both levels include: two varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches, four types of seasonal fruits, two fruit juice selections, fresh coconut water, seven to eight choices of desserts, about six salads, three of the seven-eight hot dishes are Indian, bread selection and an Arabic mezze platter, cheese platter, cookies, wafers and peanuts.

There is a bar and whiskey and cocktail lounges on both levels. All alcohol is complimentary.


Access is permitted on submitting a stamped and signed lounge “invitation” that to business and first class passengers receive from the airline at the time of boarding. GVK Lounge is in partnership with 38 international airlines. 




A well-equipped lounge to recharge and work.


Sofa-chairs overlooking the airfield.


Access is free only for business and first class passengers of airlines in partnership with the lounge.


Mumbai International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Terminal 2, Santacruz East; tel: +91 22 66851010;