I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 4 at 0900 for my 1000 departure to Amsterdam Schiphol airport on KL1008. Security was slow, and it took almost ten minutes queuing to get through. I then went to the SkyLounge (indicated by Lounge C on the terminal maps).

The lounge

The Skyteam lounge is a large two-storey space, and at this time of the day is busy so best to go upstairs which is slightly quieter. I had a coffee, some cereal and some fruit, and my half hour in there was spoiled only by an extremely surly member of staff. I was told no flights were called from the lounge, but then a United flight to Houston was called.


The flight departed from Gate 15. We boarded at 0930 but then a couple of passengers didn’t arrive at the gate in time and their bags had to be unloaded, so we departed slightly at 1025.


KLM has seatplans on its website here.

The business class was in five rows of ABC-DEF with the centre seat blocked off. There was then a curtain before Economy Comfort – signified with orange leather head cloths, and then economy. Although during the flight the curtain was drawn across, passengers stll came through to use the washroom at the front of the aircraft.

The service was very good. The aircraft was very busy, and one mother with child arrived late, long after all the overhead lockers were taken. A flight attendant picked up her heavy loking roll on and carried it down the aircraft for her to find a place for it.

Which seat to choose?

Business class seats are all similar. Note that seats A and F have IFE boxes obstructing the leg room (apart from in the front row), while aisle seats have obstructed leg room because of the frame of the seat. Ironically, centre seats have the most freedom for your feet, so if you don’t have anyone in your row, I’d move into that.

The flight

On this route the flight duration is only 45 minutes, but the crew are used to the time constraints. Although it was early, this was a lunch menu.

  • Salad: crudities featuring parsnip, carrot, radishes, cauliflower and yellow bell pepper, served with mustard sauce
  • Sandwich: a choice of multi-grain roll with brie cheese with honey and walnuts or multicorn roll smoked beef
  • Dessert by Patisserie Van Wely: chocolate mousse trio

On the menu there was also a choice of wines, though perhaps with it being early you had to request them since they weren’t on the trolley. These were:

  • White wines: Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Gerard Bertrand Naturalys Chardonnay 2011
  • Red wines: Gran Feudo Chivite Tempranillo, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2008; Cono Sur Organic Cabernet Sauvignon/ Carmenere 2011

Instead of these I had a glass of water and a cup of tea, and shortly afterwards we began our descent to Amsterdam, arriving at Gate D2. There were no delays getting off the aircraft.


Good food and drink, comfortable seat, no IFE, even overhead (there just wouldn’t be time on a sector like this) but excellent service.