If you are looking for a pair of in-ear headphones for your next flight, these could be a good option. Released in 2016, the AH-C821s are extremely small and light, and provide powerful base delivered through dual drivers (tiny speakers designed for both high and mid tones, as well as deeper, richer sounds).

The AH-C821s are simplistic when it comes to features,, which will suit some people but not others. They are not wireless or noise-cancelling and they don’t have a remote attached to the cable (this was the thing I missed most) but they are great for running as they don’t fall out (a shirt clip is also provided), and block enough ambient sound without eliminating everything, which I don’t like. (I prefer to have my wits about me.) They also plug into airline in-flight entertainment systems, which is essential.

The headphones are fitted with hard memory foam “Comply TX500” ear buds but you can also swap them out for softer silicone tips that come in four different sizes so you can find what feels most comfortable. I was unimpressed with the “carry case” provided as it required you to wind the smooth grey cable around and around a disc-shaped mount, which was a nuisance. I would have preferred a straight-forward pouch of some kind.

The design of the headphones is pleasing, with die-cast aluminium housings and a translucent, tangle-free cable. I generally used them for listening to podcasts during my daily commute or watching movies, but music sounds good through them too. They won’t be for serious audiophiles but for the price, they are real contenders.

PROS Good bass, comfortable to wear

CONS No phone remote

PRICE £129

CONTACT denon.co.uk