EOZ Air is the second product from EOZ Audio, a start-up whose first earphones were funded by Kickstarter campaign. These Bluetooth designs are easy to pair as they use the latest Bluetooth 5 technology. Simply take them out of the charging case, then locate EOZ Air within the Bluetooth connections in your device. Voila, the earphones should be paired.

This is exactly what happened when I first used the designs, however, I accidentally unpaired them while trying to get them comfortably positioned. Repairing them was slightly frustrating, involving holding the back for a certain amount of time and then pressing in quick succession. It took me a few goes and I had to resort to the website as the procedure given on the instructions didn’t work.

Once safely paired and in my ears, I found the design comfortable, in fact barely perceptible. The earphones are made from nano-coated ABS plastic and aluminium, which ensures they are lightweight and water resistant with a rating of IP6. There are two sizes of memory foam tip, as well as three pairs of silicon tips. The memory foam is very comfortable and ensures good noise isolation. The around-the-ear design holds the earphones firmly yet gently in place. For additional security, there is a vegan leather secure leash.

The audio quality was pretty good. I like a solid bass sound and these were reasonable, which isn’t always the case with in-ear designs. Nor was the treble too tinny, and most external sound was imperceptible, thanks to those memory foam tips.

The Touch Control Pad on the back also allows you to play/pause music, skip songs and access Siri/Google assistant. Switching to answer calls while listening to other audio was easy, also at the touch of the back of the earphone. I could clearly hear the caller and the two microphones on the earpieces meant they could hear me despite my location on a very busy central London bridge. Definitely high enough quality for business use.

Battery life is very good at up to 90 hours together with the charging case. The earphones themselves offer six hours. The case is fully charged after about 90 minutes thanks to a USB-C cable. The Bluetooth 5 technology also means they drain less battery power.


If you’re in the market for a new pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphones, you could do a lot worse than these. Comfortable, with reasonable audio quality, a great battery life and a smart design.


£85; eozaudio.com