Op-Ed: Integrating wellness into the heart of real estate

10 Jun 2024 by Business Traveller Middle East
Mark Phoenix (Image supplied by: Sankari Properties)

As our collective awareness of the importance of health and well-being becomes clearer, it is more important than ever that the real estate landscape is transformed with spaces created with wellness in mind

My journey to weaving wellness into the fabric of luxury real estate has been both a personal quest and a strategic transformation. Crossing the milestone age of 50 illuminated the profound significance of wellness—not merely as an abstract ideal but as a tangible, lived experience. It dawned on me that our life’s actual value is not measured by the mere span of years we live, but by the quality and vitality of those years. This epiphany has fundamentally shifted my perspective towards luxury real estate, making wellness not just an added feature but the cornerstone of our ethos.

Including wellness facilities in real estate development surpasses the traditional bounds of luxury; it marks a pivotal evolution in our conceptualisation of living spaces. As awareness of the significance of health and well-being burgeons, the demand for environments that foster these aspects intensifies. Embedding facilities like fitness centres, yoga studios, meditation spaces, and holistic health centres in developments is now essential. These amenities not only add value but are integral to cultivating communities where the health and wellness of residents are a priority.

They create spaces that encourage physical activity, mental well-being, and social interaction, cultivating a sense of belonging and connection among residents. By prioritising health-conscious design and community engagement, real estate developers contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle for their residents, aligning with the evolving needs and values of modern living.

Moreover, it also fosters a vibrant sense of community. These amenities create spaces where residents can come together to engage in health-promoting activities, fostering social interaction and a sense of belonging. By promoting community wellness, real estate developers contribute to a broader societal trend towards health consciousness. This approach not only attracts residents who prioritise their well-being but also broadens the appeal of the property across diverse demographics, catering to the evolving lifestyle preferences of modern consumers.

When crafting living spaces, the approach should integrate wellness-focused architectural design with sustainable materials, with the goal of supporting the physical health of residents and nurturing sustainable living practices. This strategy is particularly meaningful in the ultra-luxury segment, where despite the availability of numerous luxuries, the most valued aspect is often the qualitative improvement in residents’ well-being. The true luxury lies not just in opulence, but in the thoughtful curation of spaces that enhance wellness, offering a sanctuary that rejuvenates the body and mind.

Emphasising community engagement and health consciousness in these spaces creates a ripple effect, inspiring a collective commitment to sustainable living practices and creating a lasting impact on the way we experience luxury living. When considering designs we should prioritise wellness by incorporating advanced health facilities such as state-of-the-art gyms, spa and relaxation areas, yoga and meditation spaces, and perhaps even specialised clinics or wellness centres within the development. This comprehensive approach provides not only amenities but also a holistic framework for a where residents are provided with opportunities to enhance their health goals while experiencing a sense of community and privacy within the development.

From an architectural perspective, collaborations with industry-leading designers ensure that the creations are both visually appealing and sustainable. In challenging environments like hot climates, the designs are aimed at reducing environmental impact through innovative solutions, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency. The pursuit of sustainability is a core value when guiding efforts to obtain prestigious certifications that validate this commitment as part of a broader that aligns with global trends.

My view on integrating wellness into luxury real estate is profoundly personal and strategically focused. It recognises the indispensable link between our living environments and our overall well-being, emphasising the importance of creating spaces that not only cater to luxury but also support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. This holistic approach extends beyond the superficial aspects of luxury, delving into the very fabric of how we interact with our surroundings. By integrating wellness-centric amenities and practices into real estate developments, we enhance the quality of life for residents.

Mark Phoenix is the CEO of Sankari Properties

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