Alitalia’s vice chairman James Hogan claimed the carrier is now “as good as any airline Europe”, as the airline celebrated the half way point in a three-year rebuilding process by unveiling new crew uniforms.

Hogan, also the president and CEO of Etihad Airways – which owns a 49 per cent stake in Alitalia – said that “Few airlines have undergone such radical change as the new Alitalia and it is now reaping the benefits of a robust new strategy built around dynamic and effective partnerships”.

He added that “After some difficult and challenging years, Alitalia has a great story to tell. We promised to create a world-class airline”.

“We are delivering on that promise and Alitalia today is as good as any airline in Europe. We are only half-way through a three-year journey to deliver profitability.

“The airline is already unrecognisable from its predecessor. Customers are winning through greater choice and better products and services.”

Alitalia new uniforms

The restructured Alitalia launched on January 1, 2015, following a €560 million investment by Etihad Airways.

Since then the carrier has seen losses reduce by €381 million in 2015, and market share to and from Italy rise to over 30 per cent.

Last year Alitalia unveiled a new livery and revamped business class seat, and this year a further €400 million will be invested in Alitalia’s fleet, cabins, technology and infrastructure.

New long-haul routes are also being launched this summer, to Santiago (May), Mexico City (June) and Beijing (July).

In addition Alitalia has unveiled new staff uniforms which will be introduced from early July.

Created by Italian designer Ettore Bilotta, the new uniforms feature fabrics from Tuscany, silk from Como, gloves from Naples and shows from the Marche region.

Alitalia new uniforms

The design takes inspiration from “the glamorous golden days of Italian fashion in the 1950s and 1960s and Italy’s rich heritage, culture and national identity”.

The colour red has been used to symbolise Italian passion, and green to represent “the best of Italy, its countryside, and the richness of its culture and history”.

Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said that the airline was “creating a bright future by delivering the transformation that we promised”.

“Alitalia today is a modern, leaner and energised business. We are reducing losses and will be profitable by 2017 if we remain totally focused.”