Lufthansa has now made available the seating chart for its new A320neo (new engine option) aircraft (see below)

Lufthansa A320neo economy seating

The German national airline has ordered over 100 of these narrow-bodied, twin-engined aircraft and in future years they will form the backbone of Lufthansa’s European fleet.

All well and good, but travellers are going to have to contend with the fact that, with its new A320neo, Lufthansa will be offering less seat pitch (in its economy class) than Ryanair (see news, January 15)

On the plus side the seat pitch in business class will be increased by a couple of inches.  That means Lufthansa will restore the business to economy class seat pitch differential.

The first A320neo is expected to have entered service by now.  Business Traveller reviewed the aircraft when it was launched by Lufthansa on January 25 (see news)

Lufthansa has published PDF interior configurations for both versions of the A320 in other words, the existing 168-seat aircraft and the 180-seatA320neo will be gradually replace the former in the months and years ahead.

As can be seen, the economy class appears tighter but there are still two toilets serving the rear cabin.  But both the toilets and the catering area have been slimmed down.


New Lufthansa A320neo 180-seats

with …

Existing Lufthansa A320 168-seats