Jet Airways has announced an upgrade to its in-flight entertainment (IFE) technology, allowing programmes to be streamed to personal devices.

The system is being fitted onto the carrier’s Boeing next-generation B737 aircraft and will be available for use from the second quarter of 2016.

The carrier says that “the adaptive video streaming technology will ensure that the best possible video quality is played automatically and is optimised according to the device being used by guests onboard”.

Jet also plans to upgrade the service to full broadband connectivity, making available options such as surfing the internet, downloading emails, updating social media, instant messaging, as well as “connecting flight information, real time travel services and destination deals”.

This is subject to permissions being received by the Indian government. Indian skies, as of today, do not allow the use of the internet in-flight.

Gaurang Shetty, senior vice president – commercial, Jet Airways says, “Jet Airways has constantly innovated to adopt new age technologies to enhance the guest experience. This best-in-class, customer-focused initiative will provide superior entertainment and communication options to guests.”

Neha Gupta