Jet Airways to axe Brussels hub

Jet Airways will close its Brussels hub at the end of March.

Although no official announcement has been made in the UK, there have been reports in the international media both in mainland Europe and India.

The Indian carrier has been operating an innovative scissors hub — when two flights merge and then swap passengers — at Brussels.

Its flights between India (Mumbai and Delhi) and North America (New York Newark and Toronto) arrive in Brussels at the same time. While the two aircraft remain on the ground in Brussels passengers are switched from one flight to the other depending on their final destination.

According to aviation sources, Jet Airways will not pull out of the Benelux altogether; it is expected to move from Brussels to Amsterdam.

But it remains unclear whether or not the airline will maintain the same operation there as it does currently at Brussels.

Amsterdam would suit Jet Airways because it operates a joint venture agreement with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad and there are many more short-haul connecting possibilities from Amsterdam than from Brussels.

It is too early to say whether Brussels Airlines or a North American airline or airlines will step in to fill the gap left by Jet Airways’ departure.

Alex McWhirter

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  • In summer, passengers can also change onto a direct Thalys high speed train between Brussels Airport and Paris Gare du Nord, with times geared to the flight times. There is integrated ticketing onto these flights. I wonder if this will continue, from Schiphol? And maybe between Schiphol and Brussels?

  • Hi IAROboss –

    A number of carriers already have integrated ticketing for trains to/from Paris CDG.

    Indeed we have written about air-rail links in previous issues of the magazine.

    Thanks for alerting us to this new Thalys service which is not yet displayed on

    However, some would question the need to take Thalys from the airport to Paris Nord (before trekking back out to CDG) when there are regular TGVs throughout the day running directly between Brussels Midi and CDG,

    Regular Thalys services already connect Schiphol with Brussels.

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