Week-long Lufthansa strike to go ahead

Lufthansa passengers face a week-long cabin crew strike from tomorrow after talks to avert industrial action fail.

This afternoon, the UFO union confirmed the walk-out will proceed and that it will publish details on Friday morning.

The strike will not begin before midday, it added.

Union head Nicoley Baublies told Reuters: “There is no option anymore to avert tomorrow’s strike.”

The dispute centres on employee retirement and pension benefits, with Lufthansa wanting to reduce costs and staff determined to protect the current set-up.

Last week, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said the airline has identified €1billion of cost savings despite raising its full-year profit forecast.

Strikes this year have so far cost Lufthansa around €130 million. Pilots, in particular, have staged a series of walk-outs (see news, September 8).


Graham Smith

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  • As it stands, the strike starts today from 2pm-11pm. All flights departing Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have been cancelled – a total of 290 flights.

    Munich is not affected till Sunday evening as there are still school holidays in bavaria.

  • dutchyankee – To which short-haul routes do you refer ? The strike only affects Lufthansa’s core brand so Eurowings/Germanwings are unaffacted.

    Otherwise it’s a confusing picture as UFO union is striking on a tactical basis. Today, for example, there are nine hour strikes in DUS/FRA today but MUC is being spared all strike action over the weekend (because of the school holidays) and there will no no strikes at all in Germany on this coming Sunday.

  • Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. I was actually worried as I was flying today from Warsaw to Brussels via Munich, but all is OK today. A bit of a mess in MUC due to aircraft positioning, but I’m getting to BRU. Thanks again.

  • Happy to assist, dutchyankee. Because UFO has announced a series of tactical strikes, the locations, routes and so on will vary from day to day.

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