Ten of our favourite airline adverts

2 Oct 2015 by GrahamSmith

Some advertisements stick in your mind because of great brand recognition, while others are so bizarre you can’t quite figure out what is going on.

Regardless, the main goal of advertisers is to create something that consumers will remember.

Below are ten airline commercials that we can’t seem to forget, starting with the most recent. What do you think of our choices?
1. Delta Air Lines – Take Off: Why We Go (2015)

Delta’s most recent campaign has consumers right where it wants them – forced to listen to its message.

With the only shot of the runway, filmed from the point of view of a taxiing aircraft, the message is bold and brave and that is why we remember it.

This advert does something other airlines haven’t done before.
2. Easyjet – How 20 Years Have Flown (2015)

Perhaps we can all admit that back in the mid-1990s nobody expected Easyjet to make it this far, much less become so successful.

That’s why this advert reflects on the last two decades and personalises the services the airline offers as affordable, worldly experiences.

In doing do, it seeks to appeal to passengers who have taken the journey with them.

3. Qantas – Feels Like Home (2014)

Adverts have slowly been moving towards “micro movies” in an effort to sell more than just another product.

Here, Qantas plays on the emotions associated with home instead of trying to sell Qantas flights as better, faster or more reliable than any other carrier.

Does this personable approach appeal to you like it did to me?
4. British Airways – To Fly. To Serve. (2011)

This is a personal favourites because of the way it showcases brand reliability.

The message is simple – British Airways isn’t just another airline, it’s the airline we trust to get us home or halfway across the world.

BA doesn’t attempt to sell us on amenities but instead promotes its history and a promise to serve.


5. Virgin Atlantic – Your Airline’s Either Got It Or It Hasn’t (2010)

Sometimes it’s the spectacle that engrains a commercial in our minds. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that this global campaign cost over ¬£6 million.

Either way, half of me questions what exactly is going on while the other half applauds the creativity that will surely keep this ad in my mind for years to come.

6. Emirates – Keep Discovering (2009)

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” When these words flash on the screen, Emirates goal is to really get you thinking.

Can the Gulf carrier take me to where I need to be to have this once in a lifetime experience? Maybe so.

7. American Airlines – Going Home (2005)

Although selling the idea of home has been used by many airlines, here American manages to associate all aspects of passenger travel with those they love.

Whether you are travelling for business to support those at home, or travelling for leisure with loved ones, at the end of the day we all must travel home.

8. Lufthansa (1998)

“You see the world the way you fly” assures us that Lufthansa guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride.

In conjunction with the chaotic intro and peaceful rerun the phrase sticks in my mind.

It’s just creative enough to be an ad you won’t forget.

9. British Airways – Face (1989)

In 90 seconds, this advert provides consumers with statistics to back-up the claim that BA is an airline to be trusted.

What makes it truly memorable though is the message behind such a stunning and creative platform.

10. United – Friendly Skies (1982)

I don’t know where to start with this commercial from the early eighties, other than isn’t it crazy how adverts have changed over time?

What are a few of your favourite adverts form over the years? Have we missed anything you think was truly game changing?

Brooke Bumgarner

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