British Airways (BA) has made several improvements to its On Business loyalty scheme, which targets small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong.

The improved offering brings together the business loyalty programmes of British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines. This allows customers to earn and redeem on all three airlines under one scheme.

According to BA, the improvements its has made to On Business could save enterprise customers up to HK$361 million (US$46.5 million) a year on flights.

It also rewards them with points based on overall spend rather than distance travelled or number of flights. In short, it follows the ongoing industry trend that benefits premium travellers over those that typically fly on the lower cabin classes. CX announced a similar move this week to its Marco Polo Club scheme see here.

Other benefits also include:

  • Cash discounts on selected flights
  • Three-tier ranking system to boost earning power
  • Handpicked offers and bonuses for members
  • Online account management tool

The three tier system remunerates top spenders by allowing customers to ascend through the ranks as they spend more on their flights. For instance, entry tier members that spend at least HK$5,720 (US$738) will earn enough points to redeem a reward flight on UK domestic routes and flights in Europe.

A new website is also in the works, and BA has confirmed that once launched, it will make it easier for members to maximise their earning potential and spend their points effectively. It will also provide custom reporting that tracks earnings in order to help make further savings.

“The SME sector in Hong Kong is dynamic and growing. Our research told us customers wanted a programme which is simple to understand, helps them manage their travel costs and recognises them for their spend,” said Noella Ferns, BA’s regional general manager, Greater China and the Philippines.

“The changes we’ve made do exactly this; a simple way of earning points based on spend, immediate savings through discounts and tiers to reward loyalty.”

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Clement Huang