David Cameron today vowed to make a decision on airport expansion in south-east England by the end of this year.

The Prime Minister gave the timescale after the Airports Commission published its report recommending a third runway at London Heathrow this morning (see news, July 1).

Earlier today, leading Tories Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith dismissed the Commission’s decision, both claiming a new third runway “is not going to happen” (see news, July 1).

Goldsmith, who is MP for Richmond Park, said: “I don’t think anyone believes Heathrow expansion is possible or deliverable politically. There are conditions in this report on air quality and noise pollution that are irreconcilable with Heathrow expansion.”

Labour said it is in favour of a third runway at LHR, with acting leader Harriet Harman asking of the PM: “Will he stand up for Britain’s interests or will he just be bullied by Boris?”