Five ways to have a space adventure

1 Apr 2015 by Clement Huang



LAUNCH TBC (Planned 2015)

INFO The 2014 Virgin Galactic crash may have delayed this ambitious project but chief executive Richard Branson is still determined to send paying passengers into space one day. With over 700 pre-registered customers on its books, the company is hoping to launch its first flight by the end of the year. While the entire journey will take over two-hours, passengers will only have a few minutes of zero-gravity in space before the ship start the journey back to terra firma.



PROPOSED PRICE US$95,000-$100,000

LAUNCH End of 2015

INFO Customers willing to fork out the cash can enjoy a private experience in space. The Lynx – a suborbital vehicle is capable of making four round trips into space everyday, but can only accommodate one pilot and a single passenger each flight. Prices start at US$95,000 for a ride on the Mark I, while the newer Mark II will set you back another US$5,000. However, as the Mark II is capable of hitting a maximum altitude of 107km (as compared to the 62km offered by the Mark I), you can be sure to get a better view at a greater height.




LAUNCH Active now

INFO The exuberant cost will make most people laugh, but just ask American businessman Dennis Tito about his experience as Space Adventure’s first orbital spaceflight. He said: "To me, it was a 40-year dream, the thing I've take away from it is a sense of completeness for my life." Unlike the other companies listed here, Space Adventure offers a multi-day programme in space where participants can visit the International Space Station (ISS), engage in orbital spaceflights, and even do a spacewalk around the ISS (for a cool US$15 million extra).



PRICE €2,000 to €5,000 (US$2,144 - US$5,361)

LAUNCH January 2015

INFO This 90-minute experience, typically used to train astronauts, will see specially trained pilots perform aerobatic manoeuvres to create 15 moments of total weightlessness, with each lasting about 25 seconds each. There are three packages available, each with its own price-point. The S3 flights took flight from Japan on January 10, but will be travelling throughout Southeast Asia in the months to come.



PRICE US$4,950

LAUNCH Active now

INFO For those who prefer to experience space through the medium of movies, the Zero-G Experience may be just what you're looking for! The simulation program allows you to experience zero gravity in a safe and secure environment. The experience also includes merchandise, catering, professional photos of you flying in zero gravity, as well as a commemorative video for you to show your jealous friends. And, like the couple pictured, you can even enjoy a "weightless" wedding package and tie the knot while floating in the air!


Clement Huang

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