Qantas unveils new Dubai – London A380 schedule

Qantas has announced its new A380 superjumbo schedule between Dubai and London Heathrow.

The Australian carrier will start flying its updated twice-daily timetable on July 21.

Flight QF1 will depart Dubai International Airport at 0210 and land at Heathrow at 0645 local time, while return service QF2 will take-off from LHR at 2125 and arrive in Dubai at 0720 the following day.

And flight QF9 will leave Dubai at 0910 and land in London at 1340, with return flight QF10 departing Heathrow at 1330 and arriving back in Dubai at 2325.

Rohan Garnett, Qantas’ regional general manager in the Middle East, Africa, India and South Asia, said: “Qantas offers double daily A380 services between Dubai and London. Our new schedule means our customers now have a choice of arriving in London early in the morning or at lunchtime.

“It also means a choice of two departure times on leaving the UK, one at lunch time and one in the evening, and our new schedule will no doubt suit more families travelling to the UK for the summer holidays.”

Qantas operates double daily A380 services between Dubai, London and Australia.

Graham Smith

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  • This does seem an improvement that will help increase demand for the LHR-DXB sectors. I still think it is regretable that they have withdrawn from the UK-HK, BKK & SIN routes as they have a competitive and desirable product, especially in F, J & Y+, but for the LHR-DXB sector this may well stimulate much needed extra traffic.

  • Pretty much what they used to do in the past actually.

    Cannot recall the exact details, but remember circa early to mid 2000’s an evening departure out of Sydney think QF31 (just before curfew) that arrived London in the mid morning, with the return flight departing early afternoon using an a/c off one of the early morning flights.

    Then when QF29/30 started via Hong Kong this changed to be the lunch time departure and QF31/32 changed to be early morning arrival/evening departure.

    Then later they changed

  • Interesting that the flight durations seem to have been extended too. The QF1 is going to depart 15 minutes earlier but arrive 25 minutes later. Are they slowing down by 40 minutes to let us sleep for longer?

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