Etihad Airways leaves Skytrax

Etihad Airways is withdrawing from Skytrax, the airline has announced.

The carrier made the decision to leave the airline/airport ranking website, including the Skytrax World Airline Awards and the Skytrax Audit, after carrying out a review of “the criteria and measurement of the Skytrax Airline Rating System”.

A statement said: “The measurement of customer satisfaction and feedback is important to Etihad Airways.

“The airline subscribes to monthly industry research and undertakes comprehensive monthly surveys to monitor customer satisfaction, using the insights to continually improve its products and services.”

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Last week, Etihad Airways and Alitalia have agreed the terms of a deal that will see the Gulf carrier invest in the struggling Italian airline (see news, June 2).

Graham Smith

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  • Etihad is extremely sensitive about anything that in any way degenerates their brand and products. A well known pilots forum has had to ban any comments regarding Etihad following threats of legal action. I think it only a matter of time before Etihad threatens legal action against any site that contains criticism of their service including Skytrax and Business Traveller. If nobody can write about them, nothing negative can be written. North Korea springs to mind.

  • I would in general agree with you @MrMichael if the withdrawal came from any other forum. However, I have no confidence whatsoever in SkyTrax. I believe it is nothing but a big marketing and “consulting” ploy..

  • Objectivity is what really matters. personally I am concerned that Skytrax keep secret their methodology from private indivduals. As a market researcher in the UK we are obliged to provide information on the methodology used when data from a survey is published.

    I have not seen Etihads own market research and can not comment on that but any organisation needs to protect it’s reputation and if there are flaws in the way the data is collected then I can not blame Etihad.

  • I just hope many other airline will follow Etihad and get rid of this biased Skytrax reviews and stars!

  • Skytrax becomes more commercialise than doing actually honest collected survey. It seems to me that the wealthy airlines are enjoying highly recognisation from passengers. In my opinion, Etihad has make the right decision by get rid of Skytrax. Just wonder if Emirates will be one of the best airline in the world once again??

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