Eau d’Iberia: Airline creates its own scent

Whether or not this idea smells like roses remains to be seen, but Iberia has created its own scent.

The Mediterráneo de Iberia aroma will be used on all the Spanish carrier’s aircraft and in its VIP lounges from tomorrow.

The airline promises it to be a “fresh, soft and delicate fragrance that provides a sense of wellbeing, a warm welcome to the airplane… [with] notes of fruit, flowers and wood, and a touch of citrus: lemon, orange, bergamot and mandarin, elegantly combined to highlight the delicate scent of orange blossom”.

Carolina Martinoli, director of marketing at Iberia, said: “Our aim is to go further than a simple brand image change. We want to transform the customer experience in every point of contact.

“The sensory element, such as the music and scent, support this change. We have created an exclusive, fresh and lively scent, with a Spanish touch, which is consistent with our brand personality.”

Singapore Airlines has been using its own fragrance, Stefan Florida Waters, since the 1990s.

Iberia is also chosen a new selection of music to entertain passengers as they board and disembark its aircraft.

These 12 songs by Spanish artists “reflect the lively and expressive attitude of the new Iberia, with a selection of Latin and Mediterranean nuances which convey freshness and energy”.


Graham Smith

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  • There is a high degree of risk with this move, what if passengers have allergies to such ingredients, causing migraines and hospital visit?. It is good that IB wants to improve its offering and image, but such aromas could be dangerous for some people.

  • I think is great move… as you said, Singapore Airlines, Shangri-La Hotels and other are using their own signature fragrance without causing any allergies… I have extreme allergies to smells even to smell of cigarette, and Shangri-La still my choice No.1 hotel to stay and Singapore Airlines one of my favorites to fly… and do not cause me any allergy.

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