Birmingham Airport runway extension ready next week

Birmingham Airport will be equipped to welcome a fully-laden A380 from May 1, the date its runway extension becomes operational.

The 400-metre extension will increase the runway length to 3,003 metres and will allow airlines to offer long-haul passenger services from the airport.

The current runway places restrictions on an aircraft’s weight at take-off and limits the maximum range of direct flights from Birmingham to the US east coast, the Middle East, Northern India and Pakistan.

Birmingham Airport runway

The extra 400 metres of runway will allow aircraft to take more fuel, freight and passengers, and fly up to an extra 3,700 kms.

China Southern will be the first long-haul airline to take advantage of the extended runway from July 22 when it operates a charter flight to and from Beijing.

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, said: “Unlike other UK airports, Birmingham is in a unique position to grow in size straight away. We could literally double the number of passengers through the airport tomorrow and the runway extension will give us the capacity to handle 36 million passengers a year…

“Birmingham can offer an alternative to the congested London airports and the runway extension will provide global connectivity for the thriving Midlands region.”

The runway extension construction began in autumn 2012 and cost £33 million.

Graham Smith

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  • How long before Emirates announce 1x daily A380 to replace one of the current B777 services… and retain a B777 on the second service?

  • Paul Kehoe needs to look at his security controls. I passed through BHX last Monday morning for an Aer Lingus regional flight to Shannon and the queue for security was already into the restaurant area at 7:30am. A fellow passenger told me that this was normal and only gets worse during the holiday season. I had a fast track security pass but it still took me well over 20 minutes to get through, plus several hundred tuts from passengers queuing for the normal security queue as I tried to make my way to fast track.

  • I totally agree with DiamondDad68 comments. On top of that, BHX baggage collection is a total embarrassment. I regularly use the airport for business, both short haul and long haul. Waiting for the cases to come through can easily take 20 – 30 minutes (on a good day!). That’s once they have found an operator to push the pier against the plane on arrival. Dear Mr Kehoe, if you genuinely believe BHX can compete with TRUE international airports around the world, please wake up and smell the coffee. BHX is a large (ish) regional airport, and will stay that way until you get the basics right !

  • I totally agree with the above comments – i regularly use BHX and the thought of a ‘fully laden’ A380 arriving or departing sends shivers down the spine – time to avoid birmingham unless they do something about both the ridiculous security lines as well as the baggage – both are a disgrace really!

  • I agree with all of the above – and to add to the poor service offered by BHX – to charge for baggage trollies is another massively irritating issue – I am fed up arriving after a long flight tired to find loads of foreign visitors wandering around trying to decipher the garbage issue of paying for a trolly with strange currency they mostly don’t have – I must have paid for 20 or more now in my time, in a vain attempt to hide my embarrassment with being a Brit and to assist people who can’t speak English who just need a trolly to move their cases – come on Birmingham wake up to what the rest of the world does in large airports if you want to compete with the big boys….

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