Emirates to fly A380 to Kuwait

Emirates will deploy an A380 to Kuwait from July.

The Gulf carrier will upgrade the Boeing 777-200LR that currently operates flights EK0857 and EK0858 to a superjumbo on July 16.

The A380 on the route will offer 14 First Class Private Suites, 76 flat-bed seats in Business and 399 seats in Economy (click here to view a seatplan).

Emirates currently serves the Dubai to Kuwait route five-times daily using both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. 

Kuwait is only the second destination in the Middle East to be served by the Emirates A380, after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Centre, said: “This is a tremendous opportunity for customers travelling to and from Kuwait to enjoy the pride of the Emirates fleet.

“We have 47 A380s which we deploy all over the world from LA to Auckland, but the experience continues to generate excitement and fascination amongst our passengers and those who come to airports just to catch a glimpse of this magnificent aircraft.”

Emirates currently operates its A380 to 28 of its 142 global destinations.


Graham Smith

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  • I’m amazed Emirates would of used an aircraft like the B777-200LR on such a short route in the first place. The mind boggles when you consider this particular 777 model is optimised for ultra long haul routes. Surely Emirates would have more suitable standard 777-200’s or even 777-300’s available for use? Or is it a case that all the ultra long routes the B777-200LR used to be used on are now serviced by A380’s, so these birds are now going spare?

    Also wonder if this would be the shorted regular service that an A380 is employed on. I guess that all depends on where in Saudi the other A380 flies to (Riyadh or Jeddah).

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