Cathay Pacific confirms Manchester route

Cathay Pacific has confirmed it will launch a four-times weekly direct service to Manchester in December.

The route will be operated by a Boeing 777-300ER in a three-class configuration with 40 seats in business class, 32 in premium economy and 268 in economy. For a seatplan, click here.

From December 8, the Hong Kong to Manchester service will operate on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The outbound service will depart HKG at 0100 and land in Manchester at 0620 local time, while the return service will take-off from Manchester at 1200 and arrive in Hong Kong at 0755 the following day.

Angus Barclay, general manager Europe at Cathay Pacific, said: “We already currently operate five flights a day from London Heathrow to Hong Kong and the addition of the Manchester route provides a real opportunity to help stimulate economic growth in the north-west.

“We continue to see an ever-increasing demand for air travel to and from the Asia Pacific region for both business and leisure traffic.

“This will be the only non-stop direct service from Manchester to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific offers passengers even more choice and flexibility and, at the same time, will boost Manchester’s standing as an international hub.”

Cathay Pacific is also thought to be launching a daily service to Zurich in December that will again be served by a B777-300ER (see news, April 1).

Graham Smith

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  • Yawn yawn yawn

    Seems like only the day before yesterday, at the end of the last century, that I was flying regularly on CX AMS-MAN and MAN-AMS, as it came from or to HGK.
    And I have more than a vague memory of disappointment when CX dropped the AMS stop — I thought it was because they had decided to do HGK-MAN direct instead, but praps there I am mistaken.

  • Hello prosborne

    Once upon a time, CX did fly MAN-HKG via AMS but the route was dropped.

    Back in 2006 as BT reported, CX was hoping to retstart MAN-HKG and route the flight via Moscow to tap local MAN-Moscow traffic. (At that time there were no direct flights linking the two cities).

    But CX was unable to obtain fifth-freedom rights between MAN and Moscow (the UK-Russia air services agreement is quite restrictive) so the plan was dropped as BT reported at the time.

    The new service will operate non-stop so CX is showing more faith in MAN than before. There will also be lots of connections available via HKG to mainland China, Taiwan, Philippines, S Korea, Japan, Austaralasia etc.

    MAN has a huge catchment area ranging from the West Midlands in the South to the Scottish Lowlands in the North thanks to motorway and rail links.

    CX will be hoping to attract these passengers and therefore take some pressure away from its busy LHR services.

  • This is great news for Manchester. It’s about time there was a truly direct service to the far east from MAN (I don’t count Singapore’s service with a stop over in Munich). It riles me that BA can’t run a profitable service from MAN and provide routes likes these!!

  • I recall CX flew the MAN route via both AMS and CGD. I believe 3 flights per week via AMS and 4 via CDG (or vice versa).

  • AMc, thanks for the reminder about the MAN-Moscow-CGK idea. The AMS stopover was not that long ago, young man! 1990s … You now remind me of the flight Uzbekistan-MAN-JFK from the same period. I was then in a team negotiating with ‘t Airport about a massive international conference to come to MAN, and I recall the macho stuff they had about international flights.

    It should not be forgotten (ever will be in MAN) that Manchester prides itself on being The First in whatever. One of the few that I do go for is that Manchester is the First (= leading) city outside The Centre (China), and outside San Francisco, with the largest Chinese ChinaTown.

    I shall say little for MAN or Manchester, but its Chinatown, yep. Yessir.



    PS: maybe you, as a skilled writer, can explain why it is that so many of you write my name with an ‘e’ when it is clearly without. Maybe we can find a lasting cure for you?

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