SIA to downsize London route this May/June

Singapore Airlines will downsize its London operation for several weeks during May and June.

The move means that well over 1,000 seats a week will be removed from the London to Singapore route as the carrier drops a number of flights and downsizes some services from the A380 to the B777-300ER.

SIA is renowned for prudent housekeeping and the period in question is traditionally not a busy one. But one must also consider that the Gulf carriers have eaten into SIA’s market share in recent years.

The reductions, as reported by, mean that SIA will cut the number of London to Singapore weekly flights from 28 to 25.

It also means that SIA’s A380s, with suites in first class and fully-flat seats in business, will only consistently operate two of the carrier’s four daily flights on the route.

SIA’s third A380 service will operate only on Saturday and Sunday. On the other days, the flights will be operated by B777-300ERs.

So readers wishing to sample SIA’s best premium products will need to choose their flights carefully during this period.

It is not the first time that SIA has reduced its London flights at time of slack demand. And I am sure it will not be the last.

Alex McWhirter

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  • Hello Str8Talking

    Good point. Some B777-300ER flights are supposed to have the latest products. We’ll need to check with SIA to find out the position with those B777-300ER flights which are replacing the A380 during the period in question.

  • Further to yesterday’s comment …

    SIA confirms that “there will generally continue to be one daily service on the Singapore-London route operated by the new B777-300ER as part of the schedule.

    “But where there is a change from the A380 to the B777-300ER, it will be a B777-300ER which does not currently carry the newest cabin products.”

    SIA says that it currently operates three of the newest B777-300ERs but these aircraft are not exclusively deployed on the London route.

  • If SQ is cutting flights from Singapore to London, and if QF is cutting flights from Dubai to London, is this a clear signal that London is no longer so important in the world?

  • On the important kangaroo route, there have been lots of additions to capacity in the last 12 months.

    MH added a third daily KUL – MEL – KUL, but loads are allegedly low at present due to that unfortunate (let’s pray for them) five character descriptor MH370.

    QF not only ceased its SIN, HKG and BKK to LHR own aircraft flights but no longer flies to Asia at all out of PER or ADL if I recall.

    CZ has promoted its alternative route via CAN a lot, though not many Australians seem to be using it. CZ used an A380 between CAN – SYD – CAN for a while but it was not obtaining the required passenger numbers so is now using a smaller plane.

    PR is an effective new entrant from MEL/SYD/BNE or DRW to LHR via MNL as it began MNL – LHR – MNL flights in November 2013. None of these operate daily, so check if using this underrated and very keenly priced carrier.

    Some of the Gulf carriers have expanded where agreements permit.

    VS announced it was ceasing HKG – SYD – HKG flights so that is the end of it on the Kangaroo route.

    Yes, SQ has lost market share but as an Australian I submit that far more of us prefer to go through southeast or north Asia to Europe than via the incredibly unattractive Middle Eastern cities.

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