Easyjet to ‘more than double’ passengers at Luton

Easyjet has signed a ten-year deal with London Luton which, the airline says, could see it more than double its number of passengers at the airport from four to nine million.

The carrier has 15 aircraft based at Luton with plans to increase its capacity by around 20 per cent over the next year.

The news comes just days after Easyjet and Gatwick Airport announced a seven-year growth and service improvement deal (see news, March 27).

The “substantial” Luton deal will enable the airline to double its size at that airport over the next decade and add a greater range of business destinations.

Easyjet CEO Carolyn McCall said: “Their financial investment and long-term commitment to developing London Luton were a key factor in agreeing to this new deal and will help us deliver our plans…

“London Luton can make a real and immediate contribution to the need for more airport capacity in the south-east.”

But, while the deal was last year approved by Luton Borough Council, the decision is currently being reviewed by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

McCall said the speed of Easyjet’s plans is part reliant on this government approval. She said the airport aims to increase capacity from ten million to 18 million passengers a year.

By the time the proposed work is complete in 2026, the airport will have 20 passenger screening lanes, nine luggage reclaim belts and increased retail and seating areas are being proposed to meet the potential rise in passenger numbers.

London Luton managing director Glyn Jones said: “Easyjet is our largest airline partner, accounting for 45 per cent of all passengers using the airport. We see this as a real vote of confidence in London Luton airport and its future.”

The deal will also see the creation of 2,500 new jobs at the airport and surrounding region.

easyjet.com, london-luton.co.uk

Graham Smith

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  • Interesting how Easyjet have positioned themselves between a Low Cost model, and that of a Legacy Airline now. They are really seen as far more preferable to the Business Traveller now, and Ryanair have lost so much with the pranks and foolishness of Oleary. The shocking documentaries shown on Dutch and British TV of the inside workings of Ryanair, have exposed it to the public and many find it unfair and distasteful in the way they treat their staff, and run their operations.

    At the same time, Legacy Airlines for short haul in Europe, have re-positioned to part low cost charge options, quite a shift with all models for short haul travel in Europe in the last 3 years!”

  • I do hope that the improvements at Luton will be worthwhile. While Stansted is rather more convenient for me (so if all were equal otherwise I would rather prefer Stansted) flying from Luton in recent years has been such a horrid experience that I tend to avoid it like the plague.

    You have to add the security priority fee to get anything like an acceptable time through security, but the traffic approaching the terminal just seems to be so unreliable that I need to add around an hour’s safety margin into the journey (and arriving by public transport is no better – I’ve been stuck on the shuttle bus from Luton Airport Parkway for eighty minutes one time (yes – walking would have been much quicker). The area used by the valet parking operators is a bit of a dump, and the gate management seems to be sadly lacking such that I’ve nearly missed a flight at one point where two gates share one staircase.

    For sure the Ryanair satellite at Stansted isn’t great – particularly the downstairs extension to it which needs to be negotiated carefully when it is crowded but you do at least feel that the traffic flows have been sorted better.

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