BA introduces breakfast card to maximise sleep

British Airways has introduced breakfast cards to help Club World passengers maximise their sleep on overnight flights from New York to London.

Each card, which is similar to those guests receive at a hotel, is handed out at boarding and allows business passengers to select what they would like for breakfast before they go to sleep.

A BA spokesman told Business Traveller: “For example, whether they’d rather have tea or coffee and how they like it, which juice they’d prefer, if any, and which breakfast option they’d like to go for.”

The card, which is collected by cabin crew shortly after take-off, also allows passengers to tell crew whether they want waking for the full breakfast service, or whether they’d prefer a new “Breakfast Bag” containing orange juice, a muffin and bircher muesli.

The move is one of several sleep-aid measures that BA brought in yesterday on its red-eye New York to London route.

It is also now giving business passengers a bottle of water when they sit down, rather than later in the flight, and delivering meals by hand to those that want them, instead of with trolleys.

Last week, it emerged that BA has postponed its second daily A380 service between London Heathrow and Los Angeles (see news, March 26).

Graham Smith

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  • Wow, not exactly ahead of the curve there BA! All three of those things: breakfast card; bottle of water on boarding; and meals delivered by hand rather than trolley have been provided to Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers for 10 years!

  • KLM were the first to introduce this 13 years ago in Business, and Etihad since inception!

    Good that BA are beginning to recognise better practice and improved service that customers of other Airlines take as the norm!

  • About time, Qantas have had this scheme for sometime and it works really well. It must make it easier for crews to prepare and be able to deliver when required.

  • Good move. Last February on a night flight from AUH to LHR the stewardess took my breakfast order just after take off.
    In the morning I got stuff that I had NOT ordered. So what she had written down ?? … I do not know.
    Was not impressed at all by BA so I will probably not use the ‘breakfast card’ for quite some time.

  • You are lucky to get breakfast in this flight (which I take regularly) – sitting in premium economy you only get a very poor quality croissant which most times, is still frozen inside – It’s not worth bothering with.

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