Orient-Express Hotels to rebrand as Belmond

Orient-Express Hotels will rebrand itself as Belmond from next month.

The company, which has 45 luxury hotels and “travel experiences” worldwide, will change its name on March 10. On the same date, its new website belmond.com will officially launch.

An agreement has been struck with SNCF to retain the world-famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train service and name.

The group said it expects to invest $5 million into the new brand during the first year, with a further $10 million over the following four years.

John M Scott, Orient-Express Hotels’ president and CEO, said: “We are excited that we are entering the next chapter in our journey with a name that celebrates our character, resonates with our guests and encompasses the broad scope of our celebrated collection of hotels, river cruises and trains.

“Each of our iconic and one-of-a-kind luxury experiences evokes strong customer loyalty and we are extremely proud of the heritage that makes us unique.”

orient-express.com, belmond.com

Graham Smith

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  • Sad to see such an iconic sybaritic name disappear! I wonder how they came up with the new name. Is BELMOND a play on the French words…BELLE & MONDE…beautiful world?

  • While I understand the group expanded in the Americas, I am not sure such an iconic name should be put an the side, especially if it is to replace it with a bland “Belmond”!

  • Will be interesting to hear why the change in branding, maybe Orient-Express is for the journeys and Belmond is for the hospitality, at the journeys end? It will need to be a strong brand story for it to survive the test of time.

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