Qatar to operate all-business class Doha-London

Qatar Airways will run an all business class service between Doha and London Heathrow.

The exclusive daily flight will be operated by a 40-seater narrow-bodied A319, configured 2-2, and will commence on May 15.

Qatar A319 business

It will be the first time that an all business class service has linked the UK with the Gulf.

It is understood that Oneworld member Qatar Airways recently secured an extra flight slot at Heathrow, which would allow the operation of a sixth daily service.

The A319 will be rostered for new flights QR15, departing Doha at 1450 to reach Heathrow at 2025, and QR16, departing Heathrow at 2155 and arriving into Doha the next morning at 0640.

Qatar A319 business

Qatar A319 business

The new schedules appear logical. They are perfectly timed for the business person wishing to maximise his or her working time either in London or Doha.

Online return rates for Doha to London flights on the A319 are currently priced at from QAR23,860 (£3,940) return.

Yesterday, we reported that Qatar Airways will display its new A380 at this summer’s Farnborough International Airshow (see news, February 17).

Alex McWhirter

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  • Why would QR waste a precious LHR slot with such a small aircraft? If they used a widebody aircraft they could transport 40 business passengers AND another 300 in economy.

  • MartinJ – my thoughts exactly! Perhaps what this slot is truly reserved for is the A380 service, when that is up and running.

    I dislike the fact that window seats do not have direct aisle access. A single or business traveller would probably be better off with QR’s B787 product. I wonder how fares on the A319 service will compare.

  • MartinJ, good point,

    The operating cost of a A319 is significantly less than all wide bodied jets. No Idea what the maths are, but expect the choice of aircraft and class is likely cost and market driven. In addition QA have probably married their passenger class expected demand with the working day and the slots. It could be that this alternative is a USP for the airline as economy seats are already available on the same route.

  • I also wonder whether seats on these flights will be sold at the same price levels as Qatar Airways’ other flights or if they will be sold at a premium as BA does for Club World London City.

  • AndyStock, I think it has to do with the short runway. BA’s all biz class service to NYC, using the same aircraft has to stop in Shannon because it can’t take off from City with a full fuel load. I haven’t done the math re distance between LND/ NYC vs LND/DHA (am I using the right city abbreviations?) but I think that’s why.

  • This won’t be the first time that an all business class aircraft has operated between the UK and the Gulf – Silverjet did it between Luton and Dubai, although sadly they couldn’t make it work.

  • Speedbybird – You are quite correct. LCY’s runway length is a main factor limiting the destinations that can be served from the Docklands’ airport. But there are also strict noise limits at LCY. Would a non-stop LCY-DOH flight (full of passengers and fuel) exceed these ? It’s not an issue with BA’s LCY-JFK service as it stops en route in Shannon and in fact the route mileage LCY-SNN is similar to LCY-EDI.

    smith101 ArranSutherland – Yes that’s true. When writing the piece, in great haste I might add, so that we could be one of the first with the news, I was thinking of the major European and Gulf carriers. Perhaps I should have stated “between the UK and Doha.”

  • As much as I love the biz class only concept as a passenger ,as much as I wonder whether this will be financially sustainable for QR …moreover ,if the concept is there ,then would really London be the European destination of choice for such a concept ?? London is over saturated with huge capacity ..I doubt very much the five other QR flights are indeed profitable .

    I do hope QR will reward it’s customers flying this aircraft and service the points and miles related to First Class like BA is doing on the LCY JFK …

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