Avianca to launch direct route from Bogota to LHR

Colombian airline Avianca will launch a direct service between London Heathrow and Bogota this summer.

The route was announced yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg during a trade visit to Colombia.

It will be the only direct flight between the UK and Colombia and is expected to open in July.

According to the British embassy in Colombia, more than 20,000 British citizens have flown to the country during the past year.

Avianca’s new direct route is expected to have a “significant impact on tourism and business”, said Clegg’s office.

Graham Smith

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  • Excellent news! This is well overdue and provides a much needed business, tourist and O&D link between UK and Columbia.

    This means BA will not have to make any profit from the route and let Avianca and Star Alliance prosper instead.

  • I have just returned from flying this route so read the news with interest. I and other members of my family fly this route often and this is most welcome news! BA regrettably stopped flying to Bogota some years back and handed the route to Iberia. I was on one of the last BA flights. Current options are a cheaper but tedious haul through US airports often with long waits and hold ups – especially in winter. Or via Europe which can have its challenges like strikes and winter weather. Air France has a good arrival time but is noticeably more expensive. The new Eldorado airport in Bogota is fabulous – modern, quick, efficient, and way better than US Airports! The Colombia of today is a lot different than when I first started going over 12 years ago and the potential for links, tourism and business are there in ever increasing measure. A new route and a new carrier will be an excellent development for passengers and for Colombia.

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