Delta rejigs meal service to give more sleep time

Delta has redesigned its BusinessElite meal service to give passengers more sleep time, particularly on eastbound transatlantic services.

The airline believes the new system will particularly speed up the dinner service on night flights, allowing passengers greater rest times, particularly on short hops from the east coast of the US to London.

However, Delta may have upset devotees of its hot nut snacks, as these will no longer be served. Instead, passengers will be given “gourmet packaged snacks” with their drink as they board. A one-stop “Dine and Rest” menu is introduced on every international flight, which can be delivered quickly after take-off or at any point during the flight. This now includes all four choices of hot main dish, not just a cold plate.

A Delta spokeswoman said the changes had followed passenger feedback. “People asked for increased choice, especially if you are coming back from the US. The whole process can be lengthy, so we have speeded it up.” She said passengers had told them they wanted a snack before the flight took off and added: “You can’t do warm nuts on the ground.”

Other tweaks to the service include a bar cart that carries the wines and appetizers which Delta says will mean the staff spend less time running to the galley for supplies. Altogether, it is thought that the changes will take up to 30 minutes off the length of service, which will please those who want to rest undisturbed.

However, those who wish to eat before they board have only one option, Delta’s Sky Club at JFK, where they must pay around $20 for a hot meal on top of their ticket price.

Gary Noakes

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  • Not very competitive with either VS or BA, both of which offer excellent pre-boarding meal choices in their JFK/EWR lounges at no additional charge.

  • DL need to think about this in Economy too, on a recent BOSLHR I took dinner wasn’t served in Economy until over 2hrs after take off, which was meant it was 3am at the destination time before we had eaten & only 3hrs till landing. The crew sadly seemed totally oblivious to this concept when I mentioned it. Appreciate you pays your money & takes your choice as to whether you want to fly Business, but everyone still needs to sleep regardless of cabin.

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