Finnair has released a statement explaining that it will be re-painting the blue-forest livery based on the Marimekko print Metsänväki (or “Forest Dwellers”), unveiled on one of its A330s earlier this month (see story here).


This is due to copyright concerns with this particular print and the popular Finnish design house.

“It has been brought to Finnair’s attention that the Marimekko pattern Metsänväki used in our Airbus 330 livery is a copy of original work by an Ukrainian artist Maria Primathsenko from the 1960s. Kristina Isola, the Marimekko designer behind the pattern, which was launched by Marimekko in 2008, has admitted that she has used the work by Primatsenko as a basis for her design,” a PR representative of Finnair said.

“Finnair does not approve using anyone’s creative work without permission. We will be re-painting the plane as soon as it is logistically feasible,” she added.

As yet, Finnair plans to continue the collaboration with Marimekko. The tablewear and blankets that were specially designed for Finnair do not carry the forest design in question, and will therefore be used on the aircraft as planned. Finnair is currently planning the painting schedule of the plane.


The other plane that carries a Marimekko-designed livery, entitled Unikko and unveiled October last year, will also remain in operation.

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Alex Andersson