Malaysia Airlines to add fuel surcharge to fares

Malaysia Airlines has announced that it will include fuel surcharge for tickets issued on or after June 1, for travel originating from Singapore. The charges will vary according to the ticket class and destination, and range between S$128 (US$101) in economy on the Singapore–Kuala Lumpur route and S$983 (US$775) for business class tickets to Los Angeles. The new prices, including fuel surcharge, are as follows:

Fuel surcharge will progressively be introduced on tickets throughout Malaysia Airlines’ worldwide network.

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Valerian Ho

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  • Is this a fare rise or merely moving the fuel surcharge from an ‘extra’ that does not make the airline liable to pay travel agents’ commissions?

    The article does not explain this.

    If it’s a fare rise with a higher fuel surcharge, how can it be justified given what has been a lower recent price of oil and presumably aviation turbine fuel?

  • Hi FrequentPR,

    We contacted MAS for a response to your queries, this is what they said:

    1. In Singapore, MH does not have travel agents’ commissions.

    2. We will be announcing the new fares on 31st May 2013 at 5.55pm to the SIN travel trade for new fares valid from 1st June 2013. Then we can comment on the new fares.

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