Qantas extends Select on Q-Eat services

From May 23 onwards, Qantas will extend the Select on Q-Eat service to flights from Singapore to Australia.

The service allows business class passengers to pre-order their meals, which are designed by the carrier’s consulting chef Neil Perry. Meals can be chosen between seven days and 12 hours before departure via the ‘Manage Your Booking’ section on the Qantas website. 

Examples of dishes available on Select on Q-Eat include chicken schnitzel and Swiss cheese toasted sandwich with coleslaw, and pan-fried spinach and ricotta gnocchi with ratatouille and romesco sauce. Select on Q-Eat also provides an additional online exclusive dish on selected routes, available only to those using the service.

Alternatively, passengers can also request to skip the meal service entirely if they want to sleep.

Other services with Select on Q-Eat include flights between Australia and Dubai and London, from Los Angeles to Australia, and from Dallas to Brisbane. The service will progressively be introduced on more international flights.

This move follows closely behind the recent opening of the new Qantas Singapore lounge last month (see story here) and is part of the carrier’s overall plan to make Singapore its regional hub and Dubai its international gateway, thanks to its new partnership with Emirates (see story here). 

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Valerian Ho

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  • Am genuinely bemused by this story. What are Qantas tr tying to achieve by this?
    Have they increased the variety of food. What happens is you say skip food then want something?

    This smacks of an attempt to save money through only loading precisely what is needed and spinning it as a service improvement.

  • Superchris, why would you be bemused by such a service?

    Why shouldn’t an airline try to be progressive and offer a service, which potentially also saves them money by only loading food that a traveller wants?

    I have used this service with both QF and with MAS, and it’s superb.

    Yes, you do get a better offering of dishes than a traditional business class menu offers. Instead of having three or four choices of meal, you can pre-order from a range of meals.

    In the case of a recent connecting flight, where I knew that I would get breakfast served by default prior to an early morning arrival in KUL, I then knew by default the departing flight an hour later would also likely serve breakfast.

    I chose a more lunch time snack for my my departure meal, rather than two breakfasts.

    I see the service almost as a “win / win”. Not bemused at all…..

  • As a non-meat eater (i.e. I do eat fish), this type of service is fantastic for me as it avoids a continuous stream of lettuce for starters and polenta for mains. I got off a CX flight at LHR hungry a couple of weeks ago as the VLML food was truly inedible. RC

  • It’s a shame that qantas has ‘chosen’ its routes as usual! Those of us from more provincial towns do not get the same options and are being forced to use emirates

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