Tube strikes set for Boxing Day and January

London Underground drivers have voted to strike on Boxing Day and two Fridays during January.

Members of the ASLEF union voted for industrial action by a margin of over 90 per cent in favour, with strike dates set for Boxing Day, January 18 and January 25.

If the strikes go ahead they are likely to affect travellers heading to London for the Boxing Day sales, while the January strike dates both fall on a Friday so will disrupt commuters.

Announcing the strike action ASLEF’s general secretary Mick Whelan said:

“This result shows the strength of feeling among our tube driver members.

“We are seeking quite reasonable assurances: that working on this day [Boxing Day] will be voluntary and that those who do attend will be adequately compensated. It is beyond belief that management cannot make an offer that achieves these points.”

In a statement ASLEF said that “The union is making no further comment on the situation so that discussions can continue if management is prepared to improve its offer”.


Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Ah fantastic.

    Heathrow Express has already announced they aren’t operating ANY services between Heathrow and Paddington on Boxing day due to planned trackwork leaving only the Picadilly line of the tube the only public transport option. And now that won’t run either.

    So the only remaining option will be taxis – with a hefty public holiday surcharge.

    Great for UK Plc.

  • Convenient that this will add an extra unpaid holiday when many drivers will want to be at home with friends and family. Scheduling strike days around prime vacation periods seems to be the only way the unions can garner support these days.

    Almost certain they will bottle out of the January strike days, while tourists and others are put off visiting London.

    In fact, like the other recent tube strikes, it is highly probable we won’t even notice as many right-thinking drivers continue to turn up for work in spite of the Communist Dictat to stay at home, the Buses and Boris bikes take up the slack and people make their own arrangements to get where they need to go, or use technology where physical presence isn’t essential.

    There was hardly any commentary on the last tube strike in the forum; people simply weren’t that affected by it.

    That a train driver on a basic salary of over £42,000 (with some earning a total package in excess of £61,000) thinks they are hard done by is astonishing.

    And all along the only people who suffer will be the public at large, those trying to earn a crust in shops and businesses and the taxpayer who yet again will lose out on the income from one of the busiest shopping days of the year as people stay home.

    All such action will do is hasten the delivery of driverless trains so this nonsense is stopped once and for all. Can’t come soon enough.

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