Travellers coming to Hong Kong can now rent a smart phone which comes with unlimited 3G service, local calls and even international calls to some countries.

The service, called handy, is being provided by Hong Kong-based start-up Tink Labs. Visitors can rent a Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone for a fee of HK$68 (US$8.8) a day, all services included.

Until the end of September, visitors who register to rent a phone on the company’s website before they arrive will pay just HK$18 (US$2.3) a day.

This fee covers unlimited IDD (international) calls to China, US, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Canada. It covers unlimited calls to fixed lines in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

The smart phones can be rented from the company’s two counters in the Arrivals Hall of Hong Kong International Airport, at shop numbers A03 and B12. To rent a phone you need to either leave your credit card number or a deposit of HK$4,000 (US$515).

There is currently no limit to how long visitors can continue to rent the phone for. When they leave Hong Kong, they drop the smartphone back at the same counters.

Tink Labs is considering expanding the service to other countries.

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Nicholas Olczak