ANZ to open Star Alliance lounge at LAX

Air New Zealand is set to move from Terminal 2 to the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles airport in early 2014.

As part of the move the carrier will design and operate a new Star Alliance lounge at the terminal, which will be available to eligible ANZ passengers departing the airport, as well as travellers with eight Star Alliance partner airlines including Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines.

Transit passengers flying on services NZ1 and NZ2 with Air New Zealand will no longer be restricted to the existing transit lounge, but will be able to clear customs and then make use of the new Star Alliance facility.

An upgrade project at the Tom Bradley International Terminal will see 18 new gates and a new dining and retail space added over the next two years, which will accommodate 30 per cent more passengers per hour.

The new Star Alliance lounge will be three times the size of ANZ’s existing facility at Terminal 2, and will feature an outdoor terrace with views over the northern runway towards Hollywood.

Air New Zealand connects in Los Angeles on flights NZ1 and NZ2 to and from London Heathrow and Auckland.

Last week the carrier announced plans to revamp its logo and livery, adapting its tailfin design from the current blue and green tones to an all-black colouring (see online news July 24).

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • What about access for passengers on NZ 5/6, NZ 3/4, NZ 18/19? Will all Air NZ flights depart from TBI?

  • Hi Mark_UK01 – yes, I think all ANZ flights departing LAX will be able to use the lounge (that might not have been clear from the piece above, so we’ll amend it). The carrier’s press release states:

    “The terminal move will enable passengers to access better facilities when arriving or departing Los Angeles and also while in transit. Passengers transiting through Los Angeles on NZ1 and NZ2 will no longer be in a small transit lounge.

    “Instead they’ll be able to quickly clear a more efficient customs processing facility and then make use of 180,000 square feet of dining, shopping, retail and passenger amenities while they await their onward journey.”

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