Border Agency staff to strike on eve of Olympics

The PCS union has announced its members will strike on July 26, the day before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The industrial action will involve UK Border Agency staff, which could potentially affect visitors and athletes arriving for the Games.

In a statement PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “The lives of staff have been made intolerable by these cuts and they’re at breaking point.

“Ministers have known about these issues for a very long time and need to act now to sort out the chaos they have caused.

“They’re acting recklessly in cutting so many jobs and privatising services, and are provocatively refusing to talk to us with a genuine desire to reach an agreement.”

The union also warned that “If ministers continue to refuse to negotiate an agreement, the union will announce further action at a later date”.

According to the BBC website, PCS said that 57.2 per cent of those who voted had backed strike action, with a turnout of 20 per cent.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • I don’t think the strike will go ahead, but if it does, as has been the case in previous UKBA strikes, things seem to function much more smoothly without the unionistas actually working.

    That they should be able to strike based only on a 20% turnout, of whom 57% supported the move is appalling. That’s a feeble 11% of those UKBA employees who are members of the PCS Union supporting this strike. Add into that the 2,000+ UKBA employees who aren’t PCS members and that’s well below one in ten who actually support this action.

    It’s disgraceful, unpatriotic and blatant class war masquerading as industrial relations, all orchestrated by six-figure salary union fat-cats, who don’t have the genuine concerns of working people at heart.

    Mark Serwotka, of the PCS Union, who is running this campaign designed to cause maximum embarrassment to the Government, had total remuneration of £116,429 during 2011.

  • Looks like the government is seeking an injunction for this strike, as there may have been an illegal ballot.

    Really low of the PCS to abuse industrial relations legislation like this, and sully the UK’s reputation just as the world shines its light on the UK.

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