Wizzair trials new cabin baggage fee

During next month passengers on Wizzair’s Luton-Katowice route will need to decide between carrying on a small piece of cabin baggage for free, or a larger piece for a €10 charge.

The carrier said the trial “responds to a growing problem for the short-haul industry that the limited space on board aircraft reduces convenience and comfort during boarding when too many carry-on bags are brought into the cabin”.

The airline added that as a result “bags are routinely off-loaded by airline crews due to lack of space, often causing delays”.

Wizzair said the new charge will “incentivise” passengers to bring a small carry-on bag. The trial will see passengers allowed to carry on a bag measuring up to 42x32x25cm for free, or opt to pay €10 to bring a bag measuring up to 55x40x20cm.

Both options will have a maximum weight of 10kg, but those choosing the larger paid-for allowance will be guaranteed space in the overhead compartments.

The trial will run for the month of August, but Wizzair said that “if the findings are not conclusive, the trial might be extended”. The carrier added that “If the trial proves successful this new cabin baggage policy will be rolled out through the entire Wizzair network”.

Last week Flybe announced a 20 per cent increase in the dimensions of its hand luggage allowance (see online news July 5).

For more information visit wizzair.com.

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • There is obviously only a finite space on the aircraft and I have been delayed many times on full flights waiting for hand luggage to be transfered to the hold, so something needs to be done.

    Charging for hand luggage is not the the way forward though as we have another cheeky ancillary tax – Airlines should just be a bit slicker in offloading the bags, that would be a much better way of going around things.

    I am surprised Ryanair have not thought of this already though!

  • Another extra charge! Plus £21 for a check-in luggage and £7 booking fee -all one way. If you want to get return it is “only” £59 extra to your ticket price, not mentioning fees for airport check-in, inssurance, extra leg room etc. Wizzair is not really a “budget airline”.

  • New cabin baggage policy to improve your travel experience

    Dear Wizz Air,

    Please stop treating your passengers like idiots.

    Your new rules will do nothing to improve my travel experience and will only make booking more complicated than it already is, make my already resticted luggage even more restricted, and/or cost me more.

    Passengers do not need to be “incentivised” (for which read “intimidated” or “coerced” or “bullied”) and this is simply yet another invention designed to extract more money from passengers.

    If you want to really want to create an incentive for passengers then why do you not offer a DISCOUNT of 10Euros for a 42x32x25cm bag rather than adding a PENALTY to passengers who are simply carrying the internationally accepted size of bag.

    We do not carry ‘large’ luggage because we enjoy hauling it around. We carry it because we need to carry our personal affairs with us when we travel.

    Wizz Air already restricts the size of hand luggage from the generally accepted 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep to a reduced 55cm long x 40cm wide x 20cm deep – a full 30% less cubic capacity.

    “With fewer large items onboard, the cabin will be less crowded”. NO IT WON’T!

    Hand luggage goes in an overhead locker and does not affect cabin congestion. Putting A school backpack or laptop bag that fits under the seat in front of you will make the cabin MORE crowded and MORE dangerous owing to unsecured items being stored under seats.

    So, PLEASE Wizz Air try to stand out from the crowd of airlines for all the RIGHT reasons. Start offering BETTER SERVICE and stop thinking up stupid and annoying ways to extract more and more money from your already weary and annoyed passengers.

    Air travel used to be exciting, pleasurable, fun and cheap. Try getting some of that back and you might have a winning combination on your hands.
    But above all stop treating us like fools and telling us that the changes are made for our benefit when they are clearly designed to benefit aircraft weight considerations, fuel consumption and Wizz Air’s bank balance.

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