BA launches Avios transfer tool

Members of Bmi’s Diamond Club can now transfer their destination miles at a rate of 1:1 over to BA’s Executive Club, using an online tool at

Business Traveller tested the service this morning (see screen grab below), and while it was running slow (possibly due to the high volumes of members attempting the transfer), we were able to transfer Bmi Diamond Club destination miles into a BA Executive Club account. 

Members should log into their Executive Club account at, then click on “Combine My Avios” under “Your Options”. Avios points were updated immediately after the transfer, and emails were also sent out by both schemes confirming the transfer.

The launch of the online transfer tool is the latest step in the integration of Bmi into BA’s operations at Heathrow, following the purchase of the carrier by IAG earlier this year.

For more information visit

Report by Mark Caswell

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  • Interesting clause in the T&Cs although there is no reference to the Diamond Club:

    3.Members of a Household Account under the programmes may not use CMA other than (a) from a British Airways Executive Club Household Account to an individual account under the Avios programme or the Iberia Plus programme and (b) from the individual account under the Avios programme to a Household Account under the British Airways Executive programme. Any other Household account transaction will not be permitted under CMA.

  • I think you got lucky BT as I’ve been trying for the last hour or so using different computers and it’s stuck trying to connect to the first stage. Patience required I suspect.

    Now it’s telling me ‘not available at the moment’

  • guess everyone is trying to access it as it just says “not available” …… when trying to access the tool….

  • Eventually got it done – other than the slowness, which will be down to demand, it was quite a slick process.

    No problems with using CMA in transferring from DC, transferred both our accounts to EC Household account easily.

  • Done…and trans.100K miles…so what can I get …maybe enough for a ride on their new gondola into the mystic East End…..lets see…

  • Did it 6pm on 3rd July……took a while…..then told me it was unsuccessful…..but then when I had logged out and back into my exec club account there was my miles…….now, where can I go with 315k of Avios!

  • combining the 2 was easy……now the only problem is lack of capacity to be able to spend them 🙁

  • Real shame on loss of BMI from *alliance. Having been trying to get a ticket on BA to Nairobi or Uganda for next September. Nothing on BA for whole of next year! Great what is the point – the only carrier and no seat released!

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