BA to move selected Heathrow T5 services to T1

Travellers note – from October 28 British Airways is to move selected Heathrow T5 routes over to T1, as part of a shake-up as a result of Bmi’s integration in BA’s operation at the airport.

Existing T5 services to Basel, Dusseldorf, Luxembourg, Lyon and Toulouse will move to T1 from October 28, while former Bmi routes to Agadir, Bergen and Stavanger will become BA services from T5 from the same date, and former Bmi routes to Belfast and Hanover will be served by BA from T1.

The move means BA will operate flights from three of the four current terminals at Heathrow (T1, T3 and T5 – the carrier does not fly from T4, and the new T2 is currently under construction).

The carrier has also confirmed the launch date for its new routes from Heathrow to Leeds Bradford and Zagreb.

The carrier announced the new services last month as part of parent company IAG’s purchase of Bmi (see online news May 11), and has now confirmed that both routes will commence on December 9.

BA will serve Leeds four times-daily and Zagreb daily. There is no mention of the new flights to Rotterdam (another planned service as per the carrier’s press release in May) in BA’s latest release. 

The routes are part of a raft of new BA services for the winter season, made possible in part by the integration of Bmi into BA’s operations at Heathrow.

The carrier will fly six times-weekly from Heathrow to Seoul from December 2, three times-daily between London City and Aberdeen from September 24, and three times-weekly from between Gatwick and Las Vegas from October 29.

There will also be frequency increases on routes from Heathrow to Aberdeen (from six to eight flights per day), Edinburgh (from 10 to 12 flights a day), Manchester (from 10 to 11 flights a day), Oslo (from four to five flights per day), Zurich (from six to seven per day) and Phoenix (from six to seven flights per week).

At Gatwick, services will increase to Faro (from four to five flights per week), Malaga (from seven to ten flights per week) and Marrakech (three to seven flights per week).

Other changes and additional services include:

  • A new three times-daily service from Gatwick to Barcelona starting February 23, 2013
  • Flights from Gatwick to Bologna will be consolidated into existing Heathrow services
  • Flights from Gatwick to Marseille will move to Heathrow
  • A new six times-weekly service from London City to Venice from September 17

BA says that “Due to the volume of changes being made to British Airways’ network for winter 2012, the changes will go on sale on in stages over the next few days and further route announcements will be made next month”.

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Report by Mark Caswell

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  • I am glad to see the return of the Gatwick to Barcelona route. As this provides a better connection experience from other destinations which BA only serve from Gatwick. e.g. Jersey. Currently flying between Jersey and Barcelona requires a ground transfer between Gatwick and Heathrow, or changing to a different airline at Gatwick.

  • Opening another terminal for BA means even more further timely bus rides at LHR – a prolongation of a nightmare. When changing terminals at LHR the minimum connection time is 90 min, which means you miss the next available connecting flight and will be booked 4-5 hours later. Simply unacceptable for business travellers and a reason to look for other carriers than BA in the future!

  • If there are few smart brains at BA headquarters, they can simply copy what Emirates had successfully achieved with the proven hub and spoke old 80s theory.
    T5 can be a gold mine if BA can pool passengers from Europe,Middle East,Africa and Asia in T5 and fly them west towards the Americas.

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