The big picture: BA unveils Dove livery

British Airways has unveiled the golden Dove livery which has been painted onto nine A319 aircraft as part of the carrier’s London 2012 celebrations.

The aircraft will be operate in their repainted livery for a year, serving routes to and from Europe.

Designer Pascal Anson, who was commissioned to create the livery as a result of BA’s Great Britons scheme (with mentoring by Tracey Emin), was inspired “by the idea that an aircraft can often look like a bird when in flight”.

“The dove signifies a positive message wherever you go in the world,” said Anson. “I also hope it makes people stop, think and look twice too. It will be very special to see these aircrafts in flight, and I hope that passengers, athletes and VIP’s flying in to the London 2012 Games will be very excited to be on this celebratory aircraft.”

A special shade of gold paint has been used on the aircraft, with a team of 24 people taking eight days to spray paint the dove.

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  • More dross from BA. The livery looks like the plane has flown into a flock of geese. At least if you’re going to spend money re-painting 1) have an obvious association with the Olympics and 2) make it look like what you claim it is i.e. a dove (which it doesn’t).

    Yet another Olympics sponsorship failure to match the ‘They will fly’ ads earlier. Also, BA obviously hasn’t learnt from the tailfin design disaster from the 1990s.

  • My first thought was that it was Emirates not BA.

    “It will be very special to see these aircrafts in flight”, – who are they kidding?

    “and I hope that passengers, athletes and VIP’s flying in to the London 2012 Games will be very excited to be on this celebratory aircraft.”

    -Just another plane surely nothing to get excited about?

  • I saw it yesterday morning at Heathrow as I arrived at T5 from Brussels. It looks great. Don’t quite get all the negativity about it.

  • Why don’t they take a leaf out of Emirates book and logo up the undercarriage! at least people on the ground would see it then…………….

  • Atrocious waste of money, the paint-work resembles a very basic marketing error…..the paint job is not easily or instantly recognised for what it’s supposed to be!!

  • I’m underwhelmed.

    The design will easily be missed in the sea of liveries at European airports and it still doesn’t look like a dove or refer to the Olympics in any way. Someone at BA got conned when they were sold this idea.

  • Unfortunately, from the side, it could be a sparrow hawk, which would have a dove for breakfast! More relevant, what on earth is BA doing spending all this money at a time most companies, especially airlines, are drawing in their horns. The principle is as bad as the spokesman’s grammar: the plural of aircraft is… aircraft

  • One word for the colour scheme, awful…..I know that a Dove is a symbol used at many of the Olympic Games – but it does not even look like one, the scales on the side of the 319 look like a fish….In no way does is depict London holding the Olympic Games in 2012, it does not even have the London Olympic symbol on it…..

    Just a total waste of money, yes its getting publicity for BA, but in my mind what a waste of an opportunity – just look back at the aircraft that Air China did 4 years ago or even back to Delta when it was held in Atlanta back in 1986..poor, poor showing BA

  • Saw two of these at Edinburgh on Wednesday and wondered what they were. It looked a bit British Airways but with the other colours still to be laid on. Maybe someone should have thought of adding a reference to the Olympics – almost as bad as the official Games’ logo.

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