MAS bans infants and children from A380 upper deck economy

Malaysia Airlines has come out with yet another controversial decision: making the upper deck economy cabin of its forthcoming Airbus A380 aircraft a kids-free zone.

This move is likely to stir up the same amount of heated discussion as last year when the airline effectively started a “baby ban” in the first class cabin of the A380 (see story here), as the configuration would not allow bassinets. It was viewed by some as a Godsend and by others as unjust.

But the carrier is now taking the matter a step further.

According to an advisory issued to travel agents, children under 12 will not be accommodated in the upper deck economy class cabin consisting of 70 seats, although it is still unclear whether this ban also applies to the business class cabin that is also located on the upper deck.

If that turns out to be the case, it would relegate all infants to the economy class cabin of the lower deck on the aircraft, which is scheduled to make a debut on July 1 on the Kuala Lumpur-London route (see story here). 

Since MAS hasn’t made this decision public yet, an official statement is expected to be released soon. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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Alisha Haridasani

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  • Sounds like an excellent idea to me. There is simply no reason why passengers
    hurtling through the air in an aluminum tube should be subject to the screams, wails, and sometimes disruptive behaviour of children. MAS is wise to put a ban
    in certain cabins which I think will ultimately be fair, just, and favourable for all
    travelers. Mind you, most children are well behaved which is a good reflection of the way their parents have raised them but there is simply no justification for others
    who have run amok and whose parents take offense if another passenger dares
    to question their kids’ behaviour.

  • “although it is still unclear whether this ban also applies to the business class cabin that is also located on the upper deck” – it’s not at all unclear, Alicia. The travel agent advisory is very clear that this relates to the upstairs economy cabin, business class is not mentioned at all.

  • Either they make the upper deck economy an all kids zone (therefore leaving the main deck economy a kids free zone) or stick with the current plan.

    Sounds good for me rather than to have 14-hour to London with little devils making havoc in the whole economy section!

  • Love the idea but wonder how much extra they’re going to add to the economy ticket for the privellage.

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