International boutique hotel group, Grace Hotels, has launched a “Bespoke by Grace” programme for all its properties, allowing guests to customise every part the stay before they even turn up.

Guests can provide information on their preferences via an online form or over the phone between making the booking and arriving at the hotel.

The form will enable them to choose a pillow type, toiletries, room fragrances and even specific choices for the in-room mini bar. Guests can also pre-order a free local mobile phone with a local sim and stored with useful telephone numbers, such as for the police and front office manager. The sim card comes with a set amount credit (RMB100 in China, for example), which the guest can top up when more is needed. The charges are set according to the local mobile service provider’s standard rates for both local and international calls.

The definition of a boutique hotel has significantly shifted from being strictly about size to being about design concepts and personalised services, as reflected by this Bespoke by Grace programme. For an in-depth look at the changes in the boutique hotel sector, view our coverage here.

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Alisha Haridasani